Monday 10 October 2011

My new fish bowl

I was asked what a fish orb is ! Years ago we would call it a fish bowl but like everything else changes happen .

The fish bowl as we had as children is not allowed anymore . You see fish at the aquatic shop and you decide I'll have some of them . The assistant says " What size and capacity is your tank" It's a fish bowl , shock and horror !! you need a bowl that filters the water and if you want those fish it will need to have a heater . There are several other criteria but I parted with my hard earned cash , chose my orb .

I had to fill with water and the ceramics ( stones to me and you ) and leave it for a week with the water . light and heater switched on to prepare and condition it for the fish . The orb can accomadate 15 fish but only 4 each week because anymore and the water will be too acidic much too quickly . So the man said .

I now have 12 fish . I could have had beautiful colours but it is diddy little silver xray tetra's that took my fancy . They are like teeny weeny sardines . Anything bigger and I would have felt uneasy being stared at . Mine are lovely , I hope they live long .

In my garden pond I have 8 goldfish . They come to the side 9 o/clock in the morning to be fed , I love to see them gobble .

I'm really a cat person but neighbours don't take kindly to cats .


Sandies' Patch said...

Thank you Kathleen! I now realise I've seen one before!
Daft old me thought it was something exrtaordinary for the pond! DOH!
I like the tetra or whatever they're called too!

Sandie xx

MyCretanlife said...

Think I may have seen one of those somewhere. I usedtobeinto tropical fish in a big way many moons ago. Got none now.

Elizabethd said...

I remember the 'old fashioned' fish bowls. As you say, everything changes!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

It's a shame that your neighbours don't like cats, but then again - neither would the fish :O)
No worries about using the pic on my blog. It's one I borrowed myself! SueXXX

Chris H said...

Recently we got a fish orb too. And 3 fish.
two died the first night.
The second night the last fish jumped OUT of the bowl and died. Suicide ... we were not impressed!
I hope your fish live long and prosper! lol