Friday 21 October 2011

The best holiday ever

Anyone reading my blog will perhaps remember I had a holiday this year with my son David.

This is not David but a bar manager where we had our pre dinner aperitif . What a charmer, from Brazil .

If I have the chance I shall be on the high seas again . Just floating along without a care in the world away from whatever is happing in the world outside .

This was my home for 12 days . The Costa Pacifica . We did leave the ship to visit several biblical and historical countries .

Sadly we were ushered along . you need time to think and soak in the atmosphere , importance and meaning of what you are seeing . A tourist guide is very good at explaining what you see but I think you need to stand back and feel more deeply. I think the only way to appreciate historical biblical places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem and

Rome is to wander freely amongst the people who live there .

I was quite happy to make my home here for my stay

This was my first glimpse approaching the ship for my cruise of the Med,.


Chris H said...

Wow what a huge ship... and a lovely suite you had.

Barb said...

What fun....I would be on the beach....