Saturday 1 October 2011

ANY SOLUTIONS ? Barb & Patty pan

I have had a frustrating afternoon .

Firstly I seem unable to leave comment on blog sites , so, if Barb, of Barbs creations reads this , I was trying to say , try applique on your table runner .

Could be Bejewelled quilts by Barb , I'm not sure now , thats how frustrated I am .

I tried to leave a comment for Patty Pan , no go . I always have a problem with this blog . There seems to be a different format for leaving a comment .

Then blogger says I'm running out of disc space , so I have been deleting old posts .

Then Picassa said I was running out of space , so I'm trying to solve a problem there .

I thought I'd put some stuff on a dvd disc .I thought I had followed the instructions but it does not come up on the T,v when I try to view .

I shall need another holiday at this rate . The day started so well . Up at 5 o/clock , Tea and a ginger biscuit . Shower and out to buy my newspaper , beautiful day , hardly a soul about . Pleasant morning reading . Then a little gardening . After that I thought a little more R&R blogging , thats when every thing changed . So now I'll have a root around in my garage where I keep my fabric stash . Surely nothing can go wrong there .


Pattypan said...

Cotton Reel,

Pattypan here - think it is blogger playing up again as one or two of my friends can only partially access the blog some not at all, and as for leaving comments. I will report to blogger to see if they can do anything as it is become a bit of a pain.

Hope you are okay



Angela said...

it was bejwelled barb - and I have left a link on HER blog to check out YOURS

blogger is being a general pain lately!!

weekend blessings x

Pattypan said...

Cottonreel I have had a look at the way the pop up window comes up on screen after being on blogger complaints - there seems to be a general problem with one of the settings. I have therefore taken it off. Could you please try and leave a message again and let me know how you get on - if there is still no joy I shall start complaining big time. Hope you are okay - my email is


MyCretanlife said...

It is so frustrating when these things happen. Blogger has been working itself with me too just lately.

Chris H said...

Blogger has these glitches all the time!
Just be patient, it will sort itself out eventually.

Sandies' Patch said...

Blogger is getting my goat too lately! Want to guess how many times I've re-set my password??

I'm assuming you can read this, having escaped from your stash!

Sandie xx

Meanqueen said...

Running out of space on Picassa happened to me. You need to use another photo hosting site, or pay the small amount to upgrade which will give you loads more space. I upgraded, though I could use Photobucket if I wanted to. Picassa is easier because it is linked directly to blogger.