Wednesday 8 June 2011

Pride before a fall

I was so pleased the way my garden was coming on after having to be redone 2 years ago due to the fence being replaced . I even told the village commitee they could add it to the open gardens in 2 weeks time . THEN yesterday I called on bluebell , her garden is absolutely stunning . Admitedly her husband is a big help but it is truly wonderful . I did ask her to post a video on her blog .

A while ago a neighbour called to see me . I was making a quilt , "I will buy that" she said "but I don't want it till later in the year" . Oh me of little faith ! I have heard that before , kept quilts to one side and heard no more . Anyway , I let the quilt go !!. I had reason to call on this neighbour on Monday . During conversation of -what are you making now ? she said " I still want the quilt " . consequently I,m cutting squares like fabric is going out of fashion . Serves me right that I have a blister on my finger . I shall be burning the midnight oil for the coming week .


MyCretanlife said...

Oh Dear!!!
Poor you, you should have asked her before you sold it. Better get cracking then.

Anonymous said...

you'll get there!
Looking at this beautiful garden no doubt you'll find the inspiration and calm to carry on and finish the quilt! Looking forward to seeing your progress

Cass @ That Old House said...

I think it was wise to sell the quilt when you could! Next time, if someone says, "I want it, but not now...." just say, "well I hope it's available when you do want it."
My garden? I wouldn't invite a Brownie Troop to look at it right now! Yours is surely better than mine, so take heart!
All the best -- Cass