Sunday 20 March 2011


When the sun shines I like to get out and see what needs to be done in the garden , a few tweeks here and there .
I decided to reclaim this path . It had been covered with scree . each day I rake some of the stones away from it . I am putting a row of half log timber edgings to hold the stones back . Already I,m liking to see the path again .
We had glorious sunshine yesterday and hopefully a good day today . After a couple of fine days the buds are bursting on several plants
These planted pots smell wonderful as I pass buy and to me they are a joy to look at . The two smaller ones at the front contain plants that will go into the garden

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Aunty Bee said...

How very spring like the pots are, your photo has that spring like warmth shining through. The path is looking good and defines the area well. Your garden will look a picture in a few weeks.