Wednesday 1 September 2010

More tat and a bird sropping

Isn,t this sweet ? I bought it for £1 when bluebell and I went to the antiques centre on bank holiday Monday ,
I can just hear my family groaning more tat . To me it is a little treasure . I don,t collect tat .

This little golden gem is a dropping from the bird seed feeder . I pulled lots out but this one came up in clematis .


Janice said...

Your sweet new ornament is for you, not your family, so enjoy. I'm sure you have just the spot for it. I bet the birds will love the sunflower seeds when they dry. Sunflowers are always so cheerful.

Bunny said...

I love your new treasure it is beautiful. I have a few similar that have been with me for years. The new generation does not appreciate our stuff LOL. Enjoy

Barb said...

Just lovely....the first one brings back memories of my youth.

Angela said...

Just to say that your earlier post has inspired the girls at our sewing club to make some Little Dresses for Africa- but we are making tiny ones, to send out with our friend Dave from Anstey who takes stuff to a hospital in Morocco. We started a new session this week and they cut out 3 dresses. Will keep you posted about their progress. Thanks for the idea. Blessings xx