Saturday, 11 May 2013

This week I made rhubarb and ginger jam . I added strawberries to give it extra sweetness and colour . The useful thing about this jam is it is also o,k to have with cold meet . I shall make strawberry jam when the fruit is a bit cheaper . I don't care for commercial strawberry jam .

I just could not resist the flowers at my local shop this week , Stargazer lilies and stocks . This is the ones I bought for my sitting room .

This is the bunch for the hall , the colour orange is much deeper than in the picture .They are such large flowers and stunning to look at. I don't grow lilies in my garden anymore ,lily beatles are a nuisance ,I don't like picking them off the plants

It's a very unsettled day weather wise so my scrap box has come out again . The scraps of fabric never seem to get less no matter how often this box gets rifled . I cannot bear to throw the stuff away.


Pam said...

Thank you for the timely reminder, I would have forgotten my Rhubarb and Ginger jam this year. I have been sewing like crazy for a while now. I admit that i have been cooking rhubarb for crumbles, sponges, pies and crisp, not forgetting cooking some in orange juice to have with yogurt. You may have guessed that we like Rhubarb....lots

Piece by Piece said...

Love your flowers, I have stargazer lilies in my garden, oviously not in bloom yet. Never had the beetles you mentioned, keeping fingers crossed that I don;t.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day here in Canada, so I bought my Mum,(96yrs in Aug. made of good English stock,LOL & still living in her own home).a bunch of burgandy Alstroemeria & carnations, plus some lamb chops,LOL.
they are quite expensive here, & she can well afford them, but living through the tough times of the war and then immigrating here to start over again, has made her very frugal to a fault with her $'s.
Have a good weekend.

Aunty Bee said...

The jam so, sounds delicious, I envy you your flowers, everything in the garden is on it's last legs as the weather turns colder.

Caz said...

Rhubarb and ginger jam,,,sounds yummy!

Barb said...

Your post card is adorable and those flowers...just beautiful,