Monday, 20 May 2013

Spring is springing

This beautiful blossom is one of my crab apple trees , My other tree is also loaded with blossom so all being well I shall be well stocked with crab apple jelly this year . Last year , nothing the weather was so bad .

stuff is looking good considering the weather is still dodgy

It was such a good day yesterday for being in the garden . I got lots sorted .

This is one of the troughs planted . It has trailing plants in so when established it is what I will look out onto from my kitchen window .

The front is looking good . I will soon be able to show you as I do every year my magnificent rock roses and a little later my lavender hedge that is usually a show stopper . passing people actually stop to look .
Off for a cuppa .Bye .

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Elizabethd said...

The crab apple is lovely, so similar to one I had in my French garden.