Monday 6 May 2013


This is my new playstation . My son sent it to me . It's German made and it is brilliant .
I previously had a Russell Hobbs steamglide that was absolutely useless . I used it about 6 times no more than that , it now sits redundant in the garage .
I love this iron , it has been a joy to use , thankyou Peter .

My friend Silver Sewer came to see me last Saturday . She came bearing gifts . It was so nice to catch up , lots to talk about .
She has moved back to Leicestershire to be near family and seems to be settling in well . She is too far for regular visiting but I know I shall see her more often than when in Scotland . Welcome back Anne and E,.


Caz said...

That is my kind of playstation!!

Pam said...

Mine came from the US, when I let go of the handle it raises up on little feet, no more steam puddles or scorch marks.

Barb Oaker said...

Silver Sewer is a friend of mine through the Missouri Star forum. I am a follower of her blog. I try never to miss a day of her posts, even if just to find out what's for dinner!! I hope they are happy in their new home. It took me a moment or two to figure out your iron. It's looks you can shoot steam all the way across the room!

cottonreel said...

Yes I could shoot steam , powerful steam at that .I just press gently on the button . I just love using this iron .