Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Wake up Call

Yesterday the sun shone brilliantly , The trees and plants started to respond by shaking off their winter sleep . It is now 6 a,m and I have been a walk in my garden .The sunshine has made such a difference ,I now have plants with leaves on .
This is a picture of the granny shawl I crocheted last week .It measures 63inches across the widest part and 32 down the back . It was made using Sirdar  Crofter yarn , not a shade I would have chosen myself but I was given 3 balls ,I bought 2 more to have enough to make the shawl . It is lovely and soft .
Lots to do today . I have been looking through files and patterns trying to reduce my paperwork . I seem to have a lot of stuff to thin out.
Today places to go and people to see , it's sewing day.  Our host has been on holiday so there will be lots to talk about .
My laptop keeps putting red error lines here and there , I don't know why ! yesterday it was yellow lines . Must be something I'm doing .


Caz said...

Like the shawl,,,nice to see the sun isn't it?

Piece by Piece said...

Nice shawl, you will be able to wear it with a lot of different coloured outfits.
We have had sunshine and temps in the low to mid 20*C and the forecast is calling for more up to the end of the weekend.
I have decided to change some of the flower beds in my large back garden, 120' X 45', into lawn. I feel I am a slave to the weeds, and I'm not getting any younger, not that I can't do it any more, just too much. So that is what I am working on at present. When the time comes it will be easier to hire someone to cut the lawn than weed the flower beds.
Enjoy your sun.