Sunday, 13 July 2014

This morning I seem to be wasting precious time fiddling about with Picasa but I wanted to show you what I see each morning when I go to make my tea.
This all is facing my kitchen window . The rose on th right of the picture is calle New Daw. Very pretty and repeat flowering . It cost £1.99, bare root and is growing in a scrap o fsoil between the slabbing and the garage wall as is the rose on the left of the picture, I cannot remember the name of that one. The label will be in the garage . It is also a repeat flowering. They are almost black spot free without spraying
In my back garden I have a climbing rose called Masquerade. I want to replace it this year because it has struggled ,ivy forsythia and wiegelia from next door have chocked the progress .Iwanted

This is a f favourite spot to sit when I am working in the garden and need respite.
There is a border at the right side of the picture that is being revamped . I have started planting this border but have decided I want a white border so many of the recently bought plants will be lifted and placed elsewhere .
My son stayed with me for a few days two weeks ago .  He cut 5 trees out for me . It has made such a difference

This is the border that was cleared for replanting . It is the one that is going to be changed again to a white border . A good selection of plants to start has been purchased .If the weather improves this afternoon I shall make a start  .

Since I'm trying to come to terms with my eye problems I cannot see the laptop screen clearly so when you see bad grammer and mis,spelling please try to ignore it.

This morning I have tried to order knitting yarn from the internet . I went through all the required motions then I must have pressed the wrong key and lost it .  I'm sure bluebell will sort it for me . She is still very busy painting her bungalow ..

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Where I live we have had a few wonderful summer days , the evenings have been warm and still.
On Thursday I spent the whole day tidying  the garden where spring flowers had died back
Today I felt I had earned my time to sit back and admire the view
I tried posting 6 photo's of the garden but they disappeared into cyber spac . I'll have another try tomorrow .
I'm off for a little more lazing about with my knitting

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A long time without blogging .
I find it very difficult to read the keyboard even with a lamp each side of the laptop . Also my fave just inches away .
I find it easier to knit and crochet than I do to sew   Woe is me atpresent.
I have been trying to finish off these two quilts.
One is now completed , the other one needs the centre 's doing
By magnifying the screen I manage to read some blogs but find it very difficult to leave comment if I have to leave verification ..
I will try my very best to keep in touch
I shall be quite .
happy to do niave quilting using Perle thread if I manage to put a quilt together.
Bye for now

Monday, 16 June 2014

Clickety Click

This matinee jacket is for a new kid on the block when it chooses to join us .
A little girl was booked to arrive last Tuesday but at the present time hasn't decided to yet.
again I used King Cole yarn. Melody , a shaded yarn 2,99for a 100 gr ball .
The jacket used about 3/4 of the ball . Excellent value.
I am on the final stretch of finishing 2 bolero's for he 21 month old twins.
Patchwork and quilting on the back burner at present.
After burning my fingers last week they are still tender but a least they did not blister due to the fact I packed ice on the palm of my hand.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Was it a build  op to Friday he 13th//?
On Wednesday I went to the garden centre with bluebell . I didn't close the blinds to keep the sun out of the room . While I was out the sun shone on the magnifier and burned through a loose cover and the arm of the chair .
Today I left the handle of the grill pan over a lit gas ring .
The result is badly burned fingers .
I'm earnestly hoping a third mishap does not occur.

Monday, 9 June 2014


I have been asked about the pattern I used for the cardigans I knitted
It s a King Cole pattern no,.3146 . It can b obtained from the internet .
The pattern ranges in size 1 to 6 years .
The yarn is double knitting ,  shade Apricot .
It was a joy to use . Price £3.99 for a 100gr,. ball
each cardigan used les than 2 balls .

Sunday, 8 June 2014

King Cole

Last week I said I would show the 3 cardigans I had knitted using King Cole wool .
It is a shaded yarn called Splash .
I really enjoyed using it .
The two cardi's are for 21 month old twins . the one below is for their 6 year old big sister.
I finished knitting them a week ago but could not get around to finishing the ends and sewing on the buttons
I feel I am now on the winning side with the gardening . It is looking good
Well! tomorrow is another day and no doubt the merry go round will start all over again.