Friday, 10 May 2013


Out of my scrap stash I have made 2 play mats for the twins . They are 8 months old now .These will be fine to put on the floor . I finished he blue one yesterday and also finished sewing the binding on the second one.

This is the reverse of the blue one . Perhaps wine bottles not entirely suitable but the fabric was £2 a yard so the price suited even if the design didn't . It was good quality fabric .

This is the second quilt .and the backing . A bit more subdued .

When using Picasa it used t come up with browse I could then open the file and choose my photo,s . Browse has disappeared so I don't always get what I'm looking for . If I go back looking I shall lose the blog ,so . after pressing publish I shall go back to Picasa and show you the complete second quilt .
Angela from Tracing Rainbows popped into our sewing group yesterday . Nice to catch up with you again Angela .

Lots to do today but I will make time for sewing , life cannot be all work and no play .


Barb Oaker said...

I had the same issue with my Browse button disappearing for a few months. I downloaded Google Chrome and used it to enter my blog and I got a Browse button with it. You might give this a try if your issue continues.

The play mats are so cheerful. Children love bright colors.

Angela said...

Really lovely to see you all yesterday. Thanks for making me so welcome

These playmats are gorgeous. Maybe those looking after toddlers will need a glass of Beaujolais to keeo them going!!