Friday 14 February 2014

Me Time

Today I have planned to do the things I really like to do to relax. Of course we all know that as the day goes on things change but my plan is to browse this book and try to come up with a new bag front .a little inspiration goes a long way .
When I got up this morning I sat in my conservatory putting this plan into action .
I sat with my cup of tea ,I had indulged in a digestive biscuit to help fuel the brain cells .
My plan was thwarted when my resident blackbird looked through the window , half the biscuit went to him , then he came back with another two friends ,they didn't want the bread from the bird table just biscuit , Ah well!.
Bluebell and me went to our usual Thursday afternoon sewing group yesterday.It is at a friends home in the next village .The conversation is usually about anything that has occurred in the past week such as how the coffee morning went ,how many had turned out for the latest funeral etc,.
Bluebell said , each time we come here someone has died , Oh well they said almost in unison , it's an age thing . I'm still trying to get my head round this one.
The weather is looking rather bleak at present if the sun does manage to come from behind the clouds I shall fizz with energy and hopefully achieve all I have planned .


Angela said...

The book looks great fun!
I had hoped to call on in you quilters yesterday, but bad back ache got in the way and I went to bed instead.
Keep feeding the birds, they need it
blessings xx

Caz said...

Lovely looking book!!

margaret said...

the book looks like it might have to come to my house too. As you say as we get older we seem to lose friends, good to read you have a nice group to go to and have a natter etc