Tuesday 11 February 2014

Charity Knitting

At present my friends and myself are knitting small jumpers for African babies . These babies are called fish and chip babies owing to the fact they are usually wrapped in newspaper . Their mums don't have the luxury of a layette or even the money for the basics a baby needs when born .
It is fun to knit a small jumper . It is all in one piece . preferred to be brightly coloured , can be striped , different on the front to the back .
If you think you could or would like to knit I have put a photo of the pattern  . Enlarge it so it can be read .
You could send your jumpers to me or I would tell you where to send them .
There is a site where you can read called Loving Hands . put this in your Google bar .It is an official charity site . I'd love to see pics,. of any jumpers that are knitted .

I'm beginning to wonder if the bulbs I planted will flower or just rot in the ground due to all the rain . Even a snow blizzard this morning but sunshine again at present .  Even the fish pond keeps overflowing


Elizabethd said...

What a brilliant idea. I might just join you,

Anonymous said...

Our U3A group knitted 50 sets of these last year and they were such a joy to knit.it became good fun to see how inventive people could be with all there little bits of wool. The only thing was, the postage was expensive and so we are now doing things which can be delivered locally.

margaret said...

such a very worth while project. Unfortunately I can no longer knit due to finger joint problems, it is strange as knitting is the only thing that causes me such pain

cottonreel said...

I love your comments and thank you so much

Barb Oaker said...

I would love to knit some jumpers but I don't knit well enough to follow a pattern. Yours are darling. I'm in a group that makes tiny quilts for the Moms of stillborn babies and that's really gratifying. I feel that there's always something you can do for someone in need. The needs are all around us if we just look or ask.

ann said...

I crochet, but I do not knit. Perhaps I should learn. Thanks for visiting the Garden Spot. I think we will become great friends.