Sunday, 2 February 2014

 Yesterday I actually managed to get the urge to be creative . Nothing sensational , just a fresh looking cushion cover . Out came the machine . It's still on the table so who knows, I might have another session .
Bluebell and myself went to the fabric guild today . I needed pink fleece to back baby quilts , bluebell needed quilting thread . Needless to say we called at our favourite garden centre on the way home . these pots , £2 50 each contain polyanthus , hyacinths , tete a tete daffs . So much happiness for a small spend . The beauty is, all these things can go into the garden after flowering . I bought 2 more pots of Aubrietia , they are now planted . also a choisa, the yellow variety. It stays yellow through the winter and a few more perennials  that will have to be started into growth . . I also bought another Hellibore .  I had washed my hands and cleaned and cleared up when I noticed a pack of Lupins I bought about 3 weeks ago were shooting into life so back to square one and pots and soil to plant them . They would have been too weak and sappy if I had left  them any longer .
I have been watching a box set of dvds called Homeland . It was a gift from my D,I Law . I'm well and truly hooked , waiting for the next series .
For my dinner today I had Lambs liver with onions , potatoes and peas . I bought the lambs liver from M/Sp . I will only buy Lmbs liver from there in future . It was the very best .
Well , it's time for the last cup of tea of the day . Time to settle down for the evening . Must get knitting , I have been handed a pattern to knit small jumpers for African babies .


Elizabethd said...

I love the fabric you have used for the cushion cover, so fresh and pretty.

margaret said...

a beautiful piece of fabric for the cushion. Your garden will look a picture with the new plants.
I prefer pigs liver to lambs, find it much moister