Thursday, 6 February 2014

As promised

Yesterday I said I would show the blanket I had crochet for my Grand daughter .
She moved into a new house two weeks ago . Her furnishings are a black settee so I thought this would compliment her scheme of things .
Due to the sitting around more than usual I have managed to get a few things completed .
Tonight I will just sit and enjoy a dvd .


barb's creations said...

Love it, I'm sure it will go well with her black sette and other furnishings. Sometimes it's nice to be forced to stay indoors because of the weather if it allows guilt free crafting to happen :) Barb.

margaret said...

this will look lovely draped over her settee and brighten it up a bit. My daughter has recently bought a new one and hers is grey, seems the younger ones like dull colours.

Barb said...

She will love it!!!