Tuesday 6 November 2012

My christmas quilt

It seems I have loaded my pics,. in reverse order but never mind .
At the malvern show , do you recall I bought fabrications magazine for Dec ,. 2011 because I wanted to make this quilt .
If you start at the bottom of this blog I have a pic ,. of the magazine and fabrics I purchased .
The sponge cake I made as an energy booster to keep me going . I'm not always successful at sponges but this one turned out fine , filled with my home made strawberry jam and buttercream . I used 3 eggs , weighed they came to 8 ozs so I used flour ,butter and suger to match . Ah! sweet success .
I have put pictures of my quilt in various stages . On my bed it is being sorted into the best way using the blocks . They are not joined at this stage .
On the quilt rail the top is completed . It now needs batting and backing . I would have liked to complete it on my frame to be machine quilted but I think it is too big . . I still want to machine quilt it but it will have to be the Juki machine on the kitchen table and steady as I go .
I am very pleased with it up to now , it went together like a dream .
This afternoon bluebell rang, shall we go to Bramble Patch tomorrow ? o,k sez I .
Put the purse in the cellar and button down the hatch !!!!!!


Unknown said...

How truly beautiful xxx

Pattypan said...

How lovely, but then every quilt I have ever seen you do is a work of art and a beautiful heirloom. I can see why you wanted to make this one it is smashing.

Take care



Elizabethd said...

That is absolutely stunning.

Caz said...

The cake looks yummy,, so does the quilt,, well done!

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

That quilt is looking really good, and the cake looks delicious, send us a piece I could do with a sweet treat!!

quiltinggrammy said...

Just found your blog and have read the first year. I've enjoyed your humourous anecdotes and am very impressed with your quilts and gardening. How do you manage to accomplish so much! I am looking forward to reading the rest of your entries over the next few evenings. By the way, I live not far from Penetanguishene where you mentioned you have some relatives. Are they quilters too?

Barb Oaker said...

Your red quilt is looking wonderful! However, I agree with Pattypan that everything you made is remarkably beautiful! I plan to make a Dresden Plate with a red background next year for the holidays. I've had the pattern and fabric for a year already!!

Piece by Piece said...

I usually care for the red and white quilts, however, yours is really beautiful.
Yummie cake, save a piece and I'll be right over ---the pond-----.