Wednesday 4 June 2014

I'm so pleased I did the gardening yesterday . Today it was raining when I got up this morning , it is still raining at 7 tonight.
I have spent the day knitting, If I can find the right buttons I will show the 3 cardigans tomorrow.
It will be later in the week I I have to go to town to buy buttons .
It was quite nice to sit knitting .
I also did cooking of food that will do for lunch or dinner . Now stored in the freezer.
If the weather is fine tomorrow I have to spread 3 bags of soil conditioner around my flowers.
The quilt I'm showing was made about 15 years ago .
I'm very fond of this quilt , no pattern , just made up as I went along.


Pam said...

The quilt is lovely and all the better for being original. It has poured down all day here.

crafty cat corner said...

A day spent knitting has got to be good for the soul,

Barb Oaker said...

I love your original quilt. You have such a good eye for color. Knitting ties me in knots but I admire those who have mastered it. I guess we can't be good at everything. Best Wishes.

margaret said...

the quilt is a beauty and a one off having been your own design. Lets hope it is dry today, like you it rained and rained yesterday

Karen said...

For having been made 15 years ago, your quilt has a very modern look.

Barb said...

Wonderful quilt....very artistic to the point it makes you stop and it.!

cottonreel said...

Thank you all for your kind comments .