Monday 26 May 2014

I finished this quilt top at the weekend .
Today I have put it together with batting and backing . Perhaps you will be able to see all the safety pins.
Most of the pieces were a layer cake with a kind of Japanese design.  The rest of the fabric I had in my stash ,it blended in very well .
No pattern , I just added strips and cut the layer cake and made blocks to put around the sides .
I have backed it with red so it could possibly be used a Christmas on the reverse side.
I started  hand quilting it.this afternoon . What nicer way to spend a rainy afternoon .I shall be quilting in the ditch on all the seams , nothing else . I felt I had spent a pleasant afternoon hand sewing .
I started this quilt hoping my stash would thin down a little.
I doesn't seem to have made any difference .


Miss Holly said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

margaret said...

a lovely quilt, enjoy your hand quilting, I find hand stitching so much more relaxing than using the machine despite it being so much slower

Chris H said...

1. It's a lovely quilt!
2. WHY would you want to thin out your stash?????

I love my stash... it makes me drool when I gaze at it! lol