Monday 1 July 2013

This is another newly created corner in my garden . Another fish pond on my Patio .
Such a busy time in the garden that my first hobby of patchwork is being put on hold and my crochet too .
A friend called yesterday asking would I like a trip to Staunton Harold . They have a small craft centre , and also a garden centre .
I purchased a birthday gift at the craft centre and a Quince bush at the garden centre . I have long wanted a quince bush . It has 2 tiny fruits on it so perhaps next year it will fruit well and I shall have Quince jam .
my picassa isn't opening to show pictures that I want to show . I have to go open picassa , look for the number on what I'm looking for then upload it in a very round about way . drat !!
I'll upload this post and then look for the crochet hexies I'm doing .
Watch this space

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