Monday, 3 September 2012

So Busy but loving it

What a messy work bench ! but cutting squares is a messy job , I have been cutting various size squares for 2 weeks .starting with 2" and progressing up to 4 1/2 .  The size I use most . 2" are useful to use as sashing between blocks . I know it is easier to join strips and cut to the desired size but these are odd bits of fabric I'm cutting . It isn't a pleasant occupation but at least it makes use of the odds and ends .

This is my long arm quilter , not a super duper swish model but it does the task . It is for my own use I don't do machine quilts for anyone as a means of earning .
I have spent a lot of time looking at Pinterest . I find it fascinating seeing other crafts . I think it is a gem of a site . I put my own stuff on there too .It's fun
Bye for now , I'm off to have my lunch .

This is one of my cottage quilts . This was sold last week . Off for lunch now , Bye .

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Chris H said...

OH wow you are so lucky to have your own quilting machine!
I can only dream of owning one.
Your sewing room looks great.