Tuesday 1 May 2012


A few weeks ago a sewing machine was in the ad,. window of my local post office . I didn't really need another sewing machine but thought I'd enquire about itanyway . The machine advertised wasn't any use to me . It was a grand quilter useful for quilting big quilts but the lady said `I have a Bernina for sale too` .  My ears pricked up .It is a 240 patchwork addition .  I didn't need that either but  went to have a look .  Tried it out , bought it .
The seller said `I have a Janome Mylock overlocker for sale as well . O.K I'll have a look at that . Bought that too .  I'm sure these machines had been bought on a whim.  I can say I bought as new .
This afternoon I decided to use some fleece fabric from my stash to make blankets for the twins that are booked to arrive in my family in the Autumn . A speedy overlock around the edges . I shall be stting doing blanket stitch on the edges too .

I had change from £500. I am well satisfied.


Aunty Bee said...

I think a very good price for two. You can never have to many sewing machines I think it goes with you can never have to much fabric. the twins will be very snuggly when they arrive.

Pattypan said...

Hi Cottonreel you did very well there. I have had an overlocker for about 15 years and they are a very useful bit of kit. Love the fleeces by the way they look lovely.

Take care



Piece by Piece said...

You did very well with your purchases.
Love the fleece.

Angela said...

Sounds like a bargain! Have just been recommended a very reliable machine service person in Leicester - he fixed an overlocker for a friend at church. I can let you have details if you want - email me! blessings x