Friday 26 November 2010

Who stole the cakes ?

These are the cakes I knitted and crochet for the children . They didn,t load on my blog the previous time


ceecee said...

So nice to visit with you! I adore these cupcakes and I'm sure the children did too. (They're just the right amount of calories after my Thanksgiving feasting yesterday.)
I enjoyed your poem about the Cyprian cats, too!
Best wishes,

Scrappy quilter said...

Those cupcakes are absolutely adorable. What great gifts those are going to make. Hugs

Jane said...

Those cakes look fantastic - I'm sure the children will play and have lots of fun with them.

Judit said...

They seem very delicious!:)
Hugs from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ms. chance to lick the icing on these! ;-)

Sewn With Grace said...

I just love how these turned out, so very cute! I'm glad you stopped by today. Always love to see what you are working on! :)