Sunday, 6 October 2013

The last of the summer flowers . They might last perhaps 2 days but I'm not good at throwing them away while there is still life .

On my last post I said I would show another bag I had made . In all I made thee of these bags .
I'm showing it from 4 sides
Today I have planted 100 tulip bulbs . Planted wallflower and pansy plants , and daffodil bulbs .  I gave them all a blanket of top soil .
Now for a shower and snuggle down in the chair to watch the results of Strictly Come Dancing . No sewing today , too achy.


margaret said...

you bag is a real beauty. I am a strictly fan too. Not as energetic though when it comes to gardening but your garden will look wonderful in the spring with all those tulips and other flowers.

Barb Oaker said...

What a happy bag. It will put some sunshine in a shopping trip! I love handmade bags but I don't have the knack for making them. I'm much more comfortable with sewing quilts. You seem to be able to do everything creative!!

Elizabethd said...

Haven't you been busy with your planting. I'm sure you will love the Spring displays.

Chris H said...

OOOO that bag is glorious... so colourful and bright. ♥LOVE♥ IT.