Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Final Five

I do hope you enjoyed the quilts I have been showing . We could have spent lots more precious time photographing quilts but there is so much to see .

We always say we will stay overnight and do workshops too , perhaps next year .

I think this quilt is so wonderful . I am full of admiration for people who are able to do this kind of work

These arches , full of mystery , what is there when you go through?

This one again wonderful . The blossom on the tree is tiny organza flowers , each flower has 3 little beads in the centre .

I like this , I just like quilts and pictures of buildings and also the real buildings

I always raise my sight above eye level to see what is further up above the doors and windows . That is often where the best aspects of design can be seen .

Not so long age bluebell and myself looked out over the high rise car park at the roofs of the buildings in Leicester where we live . It was fascinating , try it where you live .


Piece by Piece said...

Thanks so much for the gallery of quilts that you saw at the show, they are beautiful. Such talented people.

Jane said...

I really admire the first quilt in this entry, very clever design and I love the colours.
When I lived in Clarendon Park I always was fascinated by the roofscapes of all the different levels.