Friday 8 July 2011

For me

Today once again I went to the city to do one thing and got sidetracked .

I did what I initially intended but a little more besides .

About 6 weeks ago my right ankle gave way as I went down a step in my garden . A bit of a complicated fall . nothing broken , bruises and a very painful pair of ankles that of now are still painful . Slowly responding to analgsic cream and paracetamol . Well I thought ,no more slopping around in old comfy shoes so into a shoe shop called Tin Fish , First I fell for the co,respondent beige and white , sensible tie ups , support all round . Then the Birkenstocks for wearing in the house , lovely , silver fronts ,I like a bit of flash . They have support insoles , wonderful . Then the black with the flower on . I have no idea what they are made from the salesgirl didn't know either , they are Italian and so comfortable . They also have them in pink!!!! mmmmm.


Elizabethd said...

I love all three pairs, good choice!

Mermaid's Purse said...

The shoes look lovely and I love the shoeboxes! Re: your comment from a couple of weeks back yes, it is fine for you to use my photographs.

Angela said...

Tin Fish has fabulous shoes - I often stand and stare in the ir window!
Hoping the ankles more comfortable soon
blessings x

Piece by Piece said...

Love your shoes, I can't pass up a good pair of shoes.