Friday 22 November 2013

pop up

Another pop along to blog world . Where have I been , nowhere !!  I suppose because its winter I get up later and go to bed earlier . That cuts into my spare time .  The shorter winter days really do make a difference to what can be finished .  Sewing in artificial light isn't a good thing for me and I do no like daylight bulbs . 
I have been reading more but that is no excuse .
I have been doing more crochet . This is the 2nd hexi blanket I have made . The last one had red borders . Although I didn't make it to sell a friend ask could it be bought and I said yes , . I knew I could make another so I was quite happy to let it go .  
This one I am showing has a beige border .

I have started another hexi blanket . This time I am putting a beige row around each hexi to give them a more spaced out look .I am so hooked, excuse the pun,  on crocheting these little bits of woolly nonsense in the evenings .
I have not give up on my patchwork and quilting  . On the go I am making a quilt for a neighbour that will be a gift . A quilt for a dearly loved grandson . A snowman wall hanging for a great granddaughter who has a birthday in Dec,.  It's all go really .

I go to my sewing group on Thursday afternoon . This is the back of a quilt my friend is putting on a quilt she is making . I think it is really interesting .She made it out of donated pieces .Just shows what can be done for no expense . It will be a double sided quilt , flannelette on one side and cotton on the other . If it is finished before she goes off on her winter long holiday I will show the other side otherwise we will have to wait .
I shall show my gift quilts as they get finished .


margaret said...

oup have been busy, the crochet hexies look good, not tried that shape yet and you seem to have a few other things on the go. Like you I have problems with dark nights, nothing like natural light for stitching. Off to the K & S today, went thursday but was working there so today is for looking and spending!

barb's creations said...

Love your hexie blanket, it's very bright and cheery :) How did you work out how to finish it of with the edging??? :) Barb.

Chris H said...

WOW WOW WOW! That quilt is going to be stunning. Well done Chick.
I just said Hi to another blogger that you know...Anne from *smiles*

It's a small world when we can connect with like minded people the world over! I love it.

Caz said...

Love your crochet blanket! Gorgeous!

Barb Oaker said...

You are certainly keeping yourself busy! I'm in love with your crocheted blankets...simply beautiful. I don't have the patience to work with fussy little bits anymore. We are enduring our first real winter blast this weekend. I'm indoors trying to kick a virus I seem to have picked up this week. In the meantime I'm working on a few embroidered blocks that I will give as Christmas gifts.

Warm wishes...Barb