Thursday 12 September 2013

I was a late starter today . Last night I fell asleep while sewing and watching t,v .Have you ever nodded off and found yourself waking up with your hand poised ready to sew . Of course after a short cat nap I wasn't so tired . I changed over to crochet and didn't go to bed till 1,30 .
I was tired this morning but woke at my usual 6 , had a cuppa and went back to bed .
When I opened my front door there was a bag of tomatoes on the step .
I knew I had to start cooking  , so , this is my concoction .
Tomatoes , onion, garlic, red pepper , celery, mustard seeds , olive oil . a good shake of cumin , chilli flakes , sea salt , black pepper , then I had to go into spider territory for rosemary and thyme .
The result after roasting is to be blitzed and put in the freezer . It will be used for a pasta dressing .
I have been to our sewing group this afternoon . The final total for the little quilt exhibition was £275 . very rewarding .
Tonight I have to bottle my blackberry vinegar . I sterilised the bottles and left them in the hot oven when I took out the tomato mix up .
The kitchen smells good . My dinner tonight is black eye beans and courgettes , and a few sauté potatoes . I'm not a vegetarian , far from it but a veggie dinner goes down well once a week .
Now the weather is cooler it's nice to sew with a quilt draped on my knees .
Does anyone have a recipe for using more tomatoes > I don't want pickle or chutney . I've done that .
Off I go , it's been a good day .


Angela said...

I make my 'spare' tomatoes into a ragu sauce for pasta, and freeze it. Well done with the quilt show!

Elizabethd said...

I too make a sauce and freeze it. But slow roasted tomato soup , a recipe by Delia, is very good too.

Pam said...

I make as much pasta sauce as I can every year but it is never as much as I need. I deglaze the pan with a splash of cider or wine.

margaret said...

my mouth is watering looking at your cooking, delicious. Sorry no tomato recipes, I am afraid I am not too keen on cooking, just do it as I know I have to eat! Yes I have fallen asleep with a needle in my hand more than once!
Good to hear the quilt show raised some much needed cash for the Church project

crafty cat corner said...

Your tomato and garlic etc bake has made me want to make it. It looks so delicious.

cottonreel said...

I'm trying to pat my own back . YES11 the tomato stuff is better than any I have bought .
I have another lot in the oven right now .

lynda said...

Just wanted to know if Silver Sewer is ok? Her last post is not accessible and I hope no one is ill. Thanks! I do enjoy your blog!

Pet Milk said...

I enjoyed reading your posst