Sunday 2 June 2013

Friday , the last day of May was a lovely day for me .
During the day 3 friends came calling . I had lunch with Silver sewer , she came with a gift of plants .We had a nice morning chatting  .
As Anne was leaving another fiend came with a gift of patchwork magazines and shortly after bluebell arrived to take us both off to the hairdressers .

After haircut and eyebrow shaping for me and a trim for bluebell we called in a new teashop for afternoon tea . Tea and egg custard for me , tea and a cup cake for bluebell . Her cupcake was a very scrumptious looking affair . Piles of confection on top and 2 jelly hearts ,one was passed over to me . I have never had an egg custard tart with a jelly sweet on top so that was a first .

Then off to browse in 2 craft shops , no purchases this time .
Then on to a very select fruit and veg shop to make purchases.

Such a lovely sunny day and a nice way to end the month

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