Thursday, 31 January 2013

Woe is me

For two days I have not been able to get my emails . First it was they didn't recognise my password , then it was saying my email address wasn't recognised , then it said my security details were too strict ? what does that mean . Then it said I had tried three times so ??? whatever . I truly don't know where to go from here . I'm frustrated .
I apologise to anyone who has emailed me , I'm sorry I cannot answer .


Sarah Head said...

When I've had this problem with email, it usually means the email server is down and is nothing to do with you. Probably by tomorrow, when they have fixed whatever was wrong it will all work again without you having to do anything.

Sri Lanka Holidays said...

Nice art. very funny!

Aunty Bee said...

How frustrating, we have had terribly problems with our wi-fi and printer, the wi-fi is fixed (fingers crossed) but the printer has gone insane, don't tell me machines haven't got human qualities, our printer has obviously gone off it's meds.