Sunday, 8 April 2012


This is a bag approx 5 1/4 ins, by 6 ins,. I have always loved spending time doing and collecting silky fabric for crazy patchwork . Recently bluebell introduced me to a magazine purely showing embellished crazy patchwork . It's an amazing magazine . I'm hooked . These little bags will contain presents for christmas time . The editor of the mag,. is Pat Winter who has a blog devoted to the craft . Check out her blog if only for the eye candy . I have about 3 more in the making .Such a break from hauling large quilts .

I have not had much to show lately as regards patchwork but I have been doing other things .
I showed pedal pushers or Capri pants whichever you might call them . I made several pairs for the young children in the family . this week I have been making sun dresses and finishing off a knitted cardi with a hood and also a skirt . Sorry you are seeing the same pic,. twice. My picasa is now a different format , I dare not delete in case the lot goes . I'll get it sorted eventually. I have made errors before clicking twice when I thought nothing was happening.
I have also made 2 little girls sundresses . I bought the pattern at Bramble patch . I hope Ellie has room in her wardrobe for her growing summer attire .
I have been blog hopping to see what others are doing over the Easter holiday . American girls are so lucky to have garage or yard sales . They seem to find amazing treasures . I know here we have car boot sales but I will say openly and honestly they are a lot of old TAT .
I have been on the look out for a book by Margaret Miller , Strips and Curves . It must be out of print . It will turn up somewhere eventually.
Just leaves me to say Happy Easter to all .


Pat Winter said...

I'm so glad you discovered Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine. Your little purse is wonderful! The children's clothing is so cute. Those are lucky little ones.

Pat Winter said...

Well, I can see you have a good eye for placement,balance, piecing and seams. You add trims yet save seams for embroidery! Perfect!

cottonreel said...

Bless you Pat, thank you

Judit said...

What a wonderful crazy bag, Kathleen!

Judit said...

Hi Kathleen, my perfect e-mail adress is:

I'm waiting for your mail.:)