Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Walking in the morning dew

Taking an early morning trip in my garden I came upon this work of art .Although it is wonderful it does look a little tatty here and there .
It is a bit magical with the mist . I confess to liking cobwebs in the garden when they look like this . I don't care for then in the shed , the garage and even less in the house . I recall when I was a girl we would strip a sten of privit from the hedge , bend it into a curve and collect the cobwebs . This was then called a fairy mirror .

Today has been a little frustrating . The printer won't print from the laptop . Picasa won't give me my pic's ,. and the lap top is slow .

Ah! well , tomorrow is another day .


Elizabethd said...

That is exquisite.

Piece by Piece said...

Spider webs are lovely when covered in dew, this is a beautiful one. A bit too early for them in my garden. This a.m. we had a white frost, and now with the sun shining on it I can see lots of sparkling diamonds. Another beautiful warm sunny day again today, Spring is truly here in my part of the world, crocus in bloom in the rock garden around my pond.