Monday 3 October 2011


As you will know if you read my post yesterday , I honestly completely lost Sunday . This was no minor error , I truly thought Sunday was Monday and today Tuesday .

So much so I made a special point of looking out for my milkman this morning . I have 1 pint of milk Monday , same on Wed,. 2 on Friday . So, thinking this morning was Tuesday I told him he didn't leave me any milk on Monday . Me confused . he looking very confused . tells me today is Monday Oct,. 3rd . After much explaining on his part and embarrassment on mine he said "don't worry I'll keep my eye on you !!!

When relating the saga to bluebell she said " I thought it was a funny conversation we had on Sunday over the phone .

The outcome is , I am off to see the doctor 8.30 in the morning , am I worried ? you bet I am .

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Jane said...

One of my favourite ever Punch cartoons was of two hippopotamus (hippopotami?) lifting their heads out of water and one saying to the other 'I keep thinking it's Thursday'.
Most folk who aren't regularly going out to work, and therefore desperately counting the days to the next weekend, don't have a pressing need to keep up with either the date or the day, or even with the exact time. I work roughly on a scale of beginning, middle and end - whether it's the year, month, week or day.
Your Doc is going to tell you that everyone gets the day wrong sometimes, even river wallowing hippopotamus :O)