Sunday 8 August 2010

Just Dreaming

Today the weather is lovely . It quite set me dreaming of warmer climes
I love Cyprus . As I was bringing thoughts to mind I decided my lunch would reflect my mood .
So this is what I had
Black eye beans with spinach and
feta cheese , a piece of crusty bread
olive oil and lemon .
It was absolutely delicious .

For my sweet course .
yoghurt, with honey

This week in my shopping I bought
0 % per cent fat yoghurt, never again .
I like my yoghurt thick and silky.

The mood is set , I shall now go back to reading my Eva Makis book about
cypriot life . There are 3 books

I have read by Eva 'The land of the golden apple'
I am now reading 'Eat, drink and be married'
I,m awaiting at the library ' The Mother in law .

They really are authentic


Elizabethd said...

There is nothing quite like Greek yoghurt, the real stuff, with Cretan honey!

cottonreel said...

The honey made in Cyprus that you buy in a clay pot , Mmm , At least we can get Halloumi and feta cheese thats the real thing --cottonreel

Angela said...

Have you tried the greek yogurt from Lidl that comes in a little plastic bucket?